Crveni Mjesec u tami!

Srijeda, 15. 06. 2011. potpuna pomrčina mjeseca i pun mjesec

Dragi prijatelji mjesečevih događanja,

Pun Mjesec će biti u srijedu, 15. 06. 2011. a istovremeno i potpuna pomrčina (eklipsa) Mjeseca. Nekada davno se taj događaj isčekivao sa zebnjom i strahom, a nestanak svjetlosti i crvena boja Mjeseca interpretirali kao loš znak. Danas se na to možemo nasmješiti i umjesto apokaliptičnog praznovjerja radje razmisliti o našoj odgovornosti koju nosimo za planetu Zemlju i iskoristiti snagu ljubavi u srcu da kreiramo budućnost za koju vrijedi živjeti.

The total lunar eclipse takes place on Wednesday, 15th June 2011, 10:12:37 pm.


lunar eclipse in Gemini

Moon enters fiery Sagittarius (7:39PM ), it is a good time to enjoy sports, fun and games. Start preparing for the powerful Gemini Full Moon – also a Total Lunar Eclipse – that occurs on Wednesday.

The deep red color is due to Earth’s atmosphere which filters out the blue, green light while transmitting orange and red sunlight to the Moon.

This diagram shows how the moon appears reddish orange during a lunar eclipse.

Total lunar eclipse is a celestial event of great majesty and grace. Among early civilizations, the eclipse was feared as an ominous sign of disaster, death, war and famine. Today, we recognize the eclipse as a simple consequence of the Moon’s orbital motion around Earth. To learn more about eclipses, see Lunar Eclipses for Beginners.

Eclipses of the Moon offer us the chance to enjoy a lovely naked eye spectacle in the heavens as well as a wonderful opportunity to teach our children about the beauty and wonder of Nature. It also affords us a the chance to photograph the event as a permanent momento of the experience.

The following images illustrate some of the photographic opportunities possible during an eclipse of the Moon. Eclipse photography is one of the easiest ways to get into astrophotography! For an introductory guide on how to photograph an eclipse, see Lunar Eclipse Photography. Please visit Lunar Eclipse Photo Gallery 2 for more photographs.

I’ve been watching and photographing eclipses of the Moon for most of my life. It still thrills me to watch the Moon slip gracefully and silently into Planet Earth’s shadow! You can find out about upcoming events at Lunar Eclipses: 2001 – 2020. I hope these images will inspire you to see and perhaps even photograph some future eclipse for yourself!   – Fred Espenak

The two days that have just past were a 48-hour time-period of preparation for today’s Full Moon – the high-tide, monthly climax of the solar-lunar dance in the zodiac.

As the Full Moon clocks in at 1:15PM PDT (simultaneously generating a Total Lunar Eclipse), revelations are ready to enter the hearts and mind of earth dwellers. Individual and group meditations are advised. Send out your healing thoughts and prayers to dear ones, friends, associates, and the kingdoms of nature.

Just as the Full Moon during Solar Aries linked to the Will of God, and the Full Moon of Solar Taurus linked to the Love/Wisdom of God, this Full Moon during Solar Gemini connects to the Mind of God, and it is also known as the Festival of Humanity. There is a profound focus on higher learning and educational pursuits going on all day long.

Your productivity quotient is enhanced just a few hours after the Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse. Reading, writing and research are energized over the next few hours.

Keep a notebook by your bed overnight to record nocturnal soul wanderings and Technicolor dreams as the Moon makes a constructive, 60-degree alliance with far-out Neptune (12:32AM PDT on Thursday).

source:, NY, U.S.A.

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