The roots of ORIENTAL (BELLY) DANCE go back to ancient times and far-off countries. To date it has been preserved, developed and danced all over the world.
Although it is a dance, it is as healthy as a physical exercise, because it in itself entails exercising the flexibility of the whole body, especially the torso, and it benefits female health at every age.
This dance is learned primarily for one’s own pleasure in movement and awareness of one’s body, so there are no limitations on body mass, age or fitness level.
Join us on a beginner or advanced level dance course, or on beginner level workshops or dance drill classes that we organize occasionally.
Classes are taught in Croatian and English. 
Sonja nastup na Violetinoj i Andreasovoj svadbi - mThe instructor who teaches the workshops and courses, Sonja, has been dancing for many years and has been devoted to oriental dance since the very beginning of 2005. She won the 2008 Oriental Dance Contest, after which she began to teach dance and thus gained considerable experience in teaching. Her dance education in Croatia, Egypt, Hungary and Slovenia with leading Croatian and world class oriental dance teachers is extensive. Thanks to the specific teaching style, combined with a cheerful spirit and sense of humor, Sonja‘s classes end with a spontaneous applause, and attendees leave the hall with a smile on their face.
ADVANCED CLASS:  Wednesdays 5.30 -6.30 pm
BEGINNERS CLASS:  Wednesdays 6.45 -7.45 pm
Come check it out! See you soon!
INFORMATION and REGISTRATION: apolon.studio@gmail.com, 095 816 88 18