Po prvi puta u Hrvatskoj gostuje Josee Honeyball

josee-honeyball“Hello and welcome. I share my time between family life, teaching Pilates and Soul work.

I have been practicing spiritual work for 25 years, but I’m thrilled about coming to Zagreb, Croatia for the first time and offering a workshop!

I am able to travel much of the world and are fortunate to have found diverse, cultural life experiences, that have enabled me to appreciate a wild and wonderful human tapestry. I am so grateful to the many guides and teachers that have inspired me to offer an authentic range of holistic services, which I now bring to you.

I am a strong believer in working from, and with, the heart. I open doors to the new light energy states that are available now.

I would like to invite you all to share the next stage of my journey with me, by experiencing my work, joining me for my first workshop in Croatia: on June 30.2013. and helping me to help you!”

Josee Honeyball živi i radi u U.S.A.  web stranica:- www.precioussouls.uk.com

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