Osteopathy, Applied Anatomy and Contact Improvisation workshop in Zagreb

Friday, October 7th at 6:00pm – October 9th at 1:00pm


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Osteopathy, Applied Anatomy and Contact Improvisation
with Mokshia Jagat Frenzel and Sabine Parzer

In this three day workshop we will allow ourselves to explore our body from within and connect it to the movement qualities of our natural body and to dancing with other people. Osteopathy in connection with contact Improvisation opens up possibilities to explore our perception, touch and movement alone and together related to our own inner and outer differences and changes. Experiencing anatomy from within and translating it into movement, learning through looking at and then moving from sensing (through our seven senses) into our own individual anatomy and its own specific capacities.

Osteopathy helps us find a new definition and a hands-on experience of our own body. Which qualities are we willing to express, which are new and can gently unfold? How does moving and being moved change our perception and alignment? In Contact improvisation we look at the quality of connection to the floor, our weight, our impulses and in interchanging our roles with our partner. We will work with specific anatomic and physiological issues, move through early childhood developmental sequences and explore the dance that happens within us from these places.

Jagat Roland Frenzel

…explores and teaches the synthesis of dance, music, body”work” (play) and meditation since more then 15 years. His bodywork is inspired from Osteopathy, Ortho-Bionomy, OmGym, Hawaiian Massage, BMC, Hangab. He is one of the co-founder and organizer of the Easterimprofestival. www.osterimprofestival.info and www.healingheartfestival.de . …there are many different membranes or gates to our essence. In a dance, song, or treatment where you are really touched, these membranes can become more permeable; gates can open easily and playfully. The cells simply remember their “original” goal: to communicate, to dance and to celebrate…” www.omgym.eu <http://www.omgym.eu/> www.hangab.de <http://www.hangab.de/>

Sabine Parzer, dancer, choreographer and holistic dance and movementpedagogue. Bachelor of Arts in modern dance (Columbia College Chicago), education a.o.in Systemischer und Integrativer Bewegungslehre® (an extended Feldenkrais® Method) and ZenBodytherapy®, longtime international activity in the USA and Europe; since 1999 dancepedagogue at a rehabilitationcentre in Austria, founder and head of the Institute for Holistic Dance and Movementpedagogy. www.sabfab.com.

vrijeme: pet 18-21h
sub 10-18h
ned 9-13h
cijena: 500kn (450kn s uplatom do 7.9.)
kontakt: prijave obavezne na 091 5464945 ili martinarozic@gmail.com

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