Opening to Yoga

Yoga Quotes to Stretch Your Spirit

lotus flower

“The purpose of yoga is to know thyself. If thyself is having a moment of shimmering depression, let’s look at it, then let it go.” – Lilias Folan

A quick online search for “yoga is” brings up thousands of descriptive phrases, including:

yoga is pure love
yoga is more than your foot behind your head
yoga is the path of union with the god
yoga is not a religion
yoga is good for you
yoga is technology to find your true self
yoga is a great exercise
yoga is for everybody
yoga is extremely powerful stuff
yoga is a system for body energy
yoga is a way of life
yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning: to yoke together
yoga is hot

So it’s clear that the ancient practice of moving, breathing, and living can mean many things to many people–it’s a stress-reliever, a spiritual path, a way to a cuter but, a tool for personal growth, and much more. Get inspired with these quotes about the essence of yoga from famous yogis, living and passed, classical and eccentric, earnest and hilarious.

Edited by Valerie Reiss