Nova godina u znaku Zeca – 03.veljače 2011.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Rabbit

Chinese New Year of the Rabbit: 03. February 2011.

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Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

Stephanie Dalton Cowan/Getty Images

Great war heroes, inspirational actors and big eared princes all make our list of famous people born in the Year of the Rabbit. Creative, energetic and with a pair of legs to die for, rabbits are one of the luckier creatures in the Chinese horoscope zodiac, sprinkling more than their fair share of good fortune over the year.


Politicians and Leaders

Disproving the theory that rabbits turn tail and run at the first sign of trouble, bunnies Winston Churchill and George Washington were two leaders who didn’t mind putting down their pint, rolling up their sleeves and asking someone to step outside. Those giants of history are an impressive start to our list but the names quickly slip from the great to the good, to the in distinguished to the obscure, with Catherine I and Prince Charles – who at least has the ears – beings the only real names of note.

Actors and Actresses

Famed for their creativity, the list of rabbits from the silver screen reads like a night at the Oscars, including Hollywood’s most famous and overexposed couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, as well as heartthrobs like Charlize Theron, Johnny Depp and Cary Grant. Behind the camera there is little quantity but bags of quality, with both Quentin Tarrantino and Orson Welles being card carrying carrot-munchers.

If you think Orson Welles is a small town in the American mid-west and Quentin Tarrintino a Latin American main course, you may recognize rabbits Ellen Page and Zac Efron.

Musicians, Artists and Writers

Rabbits who learned to balance a pen between their paws include Lewis Carroll and Arthur Miller, as well as Mr Romance himself, John Keats. Poets of a different kind, 50 cents and Bow-Wow, are a brace of bucks, while more mellow singers such as Whitney Houston and Sting round out our bunnies that have been top of the pops.

Sport Stars

Considering the pair of feet they both have on them, it’s no surprise to find magic boots himself, David Beckham is a rabbit, nor the spring stepped, slam dunking Charles Barkley. Other notable bunnies in the sports world include Vijay Singh and former Chelsea manager, the self-appointed ‘special one’,Jose Mourinho.