Seminar za voditelje Holistički ples i pokret Sabine Parzer

Obavijest: nedjelja 28.02. 2010. u 20:00 h

Dragi polaznici  Teacher Traininga!

Okupljamo se za vježbanje u Apolonu u 20 sati.

Pun Mjesec je uz nas :)!

Preporučam da donesete par štucni koje Vam mogu poslužiti kao štitnici za koljena (isprobano jučer u S- Danceu!) dok nam Sabine ne donese naručene.


veselim se večerašnjem druženju,


What is contact improvisation?

Contact Improvisation is a dance form in which the point of contact

with another dancer provides the starting point for a movement exploration.

It is most frequently performed as a duet, but can be danced by more people.

There can be music or it can happen in silence.

It is about sharing weight, rolling, suspending, falling, passive and active,

energy and awareness.

Where does Contact Improvisation come from?

Contact Improvisation was ‘created’ in the United States by modern dancer Steve Paxton in 1972.

While the form may be rooted in modern dance, it is also a reaction against it

and has been influenced by social dance and martial arts, such as Aikido and Tai chi.

It continues to be influenced by movement practices and theories such as, Body Mind Centering,

Skinner Release, Laban Movement Analysis, Alexander Technique, Shiatsu and Yoga.

Contact Improvisation is for everybody

Though the form continues to influence many professional dancers and choreographers, Contact Improvisation can be danced by anyone. The emphasis is on the flow of energy and on an awareness

of one’s own body and that of one’s partner rather than on producing body lines and shapes.

How is Contact Improvisation used?

Contact Improvisation has inspired many choreographers. Its influence can be seen in many dance pieces. It has also been used in the work of dance and movement therapists and in work for people with special needs. Contact Improvisation connects, heals and provides inspiration.

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